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Klipsis 15/22/25 mm

Kods Krāsa Izmērs (diametrs) Skaits kastē (gab) Kastes izmērs (cm) Kastes uz paletes (gab) Paletes izmērs (cm)
6CL15 Balta/ brūna 15 mm 14 000 60x40x48.5 20 120x100
6CL22 Balta/ brūna 22 mm 10 000 60x40x48.5 20 120x100
6CLME Balta/ brūna 25 mm 9 000 60x40x48.5 20 120x100

The open Clip ensures the best plant stem guidance in the production of tomatoes. By using the Bato open Clip, it is no longer necessary to keep turning the plant stems along the twine with the possibility of damage to the plant.
A certified biodegradable version of the Bato open Clip 22 is also available.
Special colours and packaging on request.