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Klipsis 23mm

Kods Krāsa Izmērs (diametrs) Skaits kastē (gab) Kastes izmērs (cm) Kastes uz paletes (gab) Paletes izmērs (cm)
6CL23 Balta/ brūna 23 mm 10 500 60x40x48.5 20 120x100

This clip combines high quality and an competitive price. Because of it’s unique design, the open clip 23 weights less than the traditional clip, but it still ensures excellence stem guidance in the production of tomatoes.

The open clip 23 mm does not restrict the growth of the plant and there is a smaller chance of getting diseases in the crop. We advise to use twine of 1.000 meter per kilo.

The main advantages of this clip are:

• larger quantity per box/per pallet

• less transport

• good price/quality ratio.